Brian O'Neill

For Authentically Catholic Education

- Calgary Catholic School District

A voice for the faithful

The project now is to support the trustees in their task of hearing and representing YOU, the Catholic families of our Catholic schoolboard.

  • To be kept in the loop so your voice and priorities can be heard, please email with the subject: "SIGN ME UP!"

This will add you to the contact list.

  • To be part of this effort in some capacity (e.g., spreading the word, administration, attending meetings), please email with the subject: "COUNT ME IN!" and indicate what way or capacity you may be able to help.

You will be part of a core group that will spear-head this effort for better communication and representation.

Congratulations to all the elected trustees for CCSD and let us PRAY for them. We are in this together!

Question: What makes an education Catholic?

Rigorous education?

Strong values?

Care for students?

These are part of the legacy I will work to ensure... HOWEVER...

...Catholic education is Catholic because it participates in Catholicism's missionary mandate:"Go and make disciples of all nations..." (CCC 849).

Who is Brian?

8 Years of Seminary Formation, now Pursuing Deaconate

A Marriage and Family Therapist

A Proud New Dad

Extensive work with at-risk youth and their families and educators

  • Parenting, childhood and adolescence are confusing enough! Authentic Catholicism offers the clarity needed in our confused, confusing world.

  • No more division! A Catholic school is a place where all are safe and welcome, as they are. "There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus" (Galatians 3:28).

  • In my elementary and public high school class I was likely the only one to attend mass weekly and to pray and read scripture daily. This was unpopular, but my relationship with Christ carried me through life's trials. Catholic education which nurtures young people in intellect, virtue, relationship, faith and in who they are, is an immeasurable treasure. I am committed to safeguarding and bolstering publicly funded Catholic education for generations to come.

  • In my extensive work with at-risk youth I have witnessed the transformative role a school can play for a youth's success and social-emotional well-being when the school is part of the youth and family's network of support... and much more so when God is at the center.

  • As an entrepreneur and former Program Support Manager, I am familiar with budgets, planning, advocacy and working through interpersonal challenges that arise between well-meaning, passionate people.

  • It is my commitment and personal conviction to uphold the voice, rights, dignity and well-being of every person. God loves each of us relentlessly and without partiality, so we must love one another (Jn 13:34)!

  • As a trustee, my ears - trained to listen - are yours!

Committed to:

Better relationships

  • With government, to safeguard Catholic education

  • Among students, staff & families -when we feel cared for, we learn, work, listen & love better

  • Healthy relationships strengthen our physical & mental health

A Truly Catholic option of education

  • Appropriate curriculum for real Catholicism in what & how we teach

  • Faith formation by faith-filled staff

  • Share and model the gospel, clearly & simply

  • Accountability to the faith, the faithful, & catholicity contracts

Catholic culture

  • Welcoming & Healing

  • Safe to be yourself & safe to be Catholic

  • Growing in love, Truth & who God created us to be!

  • With charity, integrity and humility, faithful to what & Whom we believe in

Total Well-Being

  • Foster healthy nutrition & lifestyle habits

  • Respect Health Authority guidelines & parental COVID choices

  • Stable 5-day school schedules to lower stress for all.

  • Mental health resources for youth and families

To Bolster our Catholic School District with strong Catholic education and culture - growing as a family of faith in the universal call to holiness.

"God 'desires all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth' (1 Tim 2:4)... The Church, to whom this truth has been entrusted, must go out ... so as to bring them the truth. Because she believes in God's universal plan of salvation, the Church [and, by extension, our Catholic schools,] must be missionary" (CCC 851).

"The greatest must be Servant of all..."

For exceptional Catholic education, the well being of our youth and families, & the Church's mission:

- to proclaim the Gospel to all nations.

Let us be public figures of faith and prayer

Standing in Unity, in Faith, in Christ!

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